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Meet Dragon⚡️Taproot

In ancient myths and legends the dragon is a creature full of wisdom and power. In Eastern legends, it controls rain and brings life to dry and barren land.

In Western mythology, it is a cunning mythical beast that controls the power of darkness and now

The dragon is a symbol of the Lightning Network, a blockchain technology with great potential and forward-looking

In this profound and mysterious world, the dragon was once the supreme ruler. It possessed endless power and almost nothing could stop it. However, as time passed, a new force began to surface – the Nostr Asset Protocol. It opens up a new mode of transportation that allows the world's assets to move around quickly and safely. Although Long had some reservations and concerns about this new unknown at first, after this supernatural divination connected Long with the lightning network, Long accepted this new world with an open attitude.

Long passed the guidance of the hexagram and joined the Lightning Network. It found the craftsmen of and expressed its willingness to work with them to create a new era. With the help of Dragon, the has developed unprecedentedly. People can get the fastest trading experience in the world through this protocol. And with the addition of Dragon, the Nostr Asset Protocol has become more powerful and can carry greater transaction volume. .

The dragon is no longer a lonely existence. It has joined hands with the Lightning Network and has become a leader in the advancement of blockchain technology. The power of the dragon is deeply integrated into the Nostr asset protocol, making it more powerful and attractive

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